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Robot guidance vision systems and control systems for Industry 4.0

Essential in many industrial context in order to operate with utmost precision, speed and greater safety, the robot guidance visions systems designed by MecatroVision are developed made to measure based on the customer’s requirements and are carefully built to guarantee a more streamlined and better performing production process. The simplicity of use and perfect management by the operator are our key goals and we always pay utmost attention to the offer of effective solutions capable of helping and simplifying the man-machine relationship. MecatroVision’s production includes different types of vision systems for robot guidance and control systems that meet the main requirements of the industrial manufacturing segment: positioning systems for pick & place robot guidance, quality control stations that can be integrable in production lines or dedicated islands, dimensional analyses, checking, 3D inspection, identification and colour featuring. As of today, our vision systems have already been selected and successfully adopted by leading companies in the automotive and the cosmetic and pharmaceutical production world at the international level.

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    Accuracy, ease of use, versatility and reliability are the main characteristics that characterise all robot guidance vision systems and industrial control systems developed by MecatroVision. Our technologies are always made to measure based on the production, technical and functional needs of our customers. Entrusting our company with the design of vision systems and integrated industrial systems means choosing top quality solutions that guarantee fast, safe, efficient and flexible production. The MecatroVision team is made up of highly specialised professionals boasting many years of experience in the sector and who are continuously updated. We use only the most advanced and top performing design software on the market, such as the Cognex libraries, and we are able to use any brand and type of robot and PLC system.

    Vision systems for robot guidance, MecatroVision, Italy
    Vision systems for robot guidance, MecatroVision, Italy

    Robot Guidance

    Vision systems for robot guidance are distinguished by the use of specific cameras that allow the piece in production or under assembly to be correctly and precisely identified. The vision-guided robot systems therefore allow the different items or components to be recognised and are widely used by industrial companies in the pick & place phases. Simple to use because of the recognition and automatic pick-up, our robot guidance systems are developed made to measure for all industrial sectors and can be perfectly integrated with the customer’s management software.

    Piece Analysis

    The quality control systems developed by MecatroVision use telecentric cameras for dimensional or aesthetic analysis of the pieces. Precise and reliable, our systems contribute toward reducing errors and production rejections, which means that time frames and costs of industrial machining are considerably reduced. Flexibility is the jewel in the crown of our technologies, which can be totally integrated with robot-guided cameras, different infeed and interlocking systems, and can be mounted on any robot model and brand.


    Our team is always at the disposal of the end users with a complete consultancy service, training and assistance, remote as well, available to all customers for any requirement. Our systems are also equipped with predictive technologies able to step in at an early stage if needed, thereby anticipating and avoiding any more important blockages and costly machine downtime. Our on-site and remote assistance service, also in collaboration with the system manufacturers, is a guarantee of great reliability and safety for every customer. We are always by your side in any situation to ensure high performance and maximum efficiency.


    In addition to the technological and design consultancy activities, MecatroVision assists customers also in the subsequent construction stages by actively collaborating with the manufacturers for the production of totally customized systems and on-site assembly, including activation and control tests.


    The company mission of MecatroVision is to tangibly contribute to industrial productivity by encouraging the use of reliable and precise high automation machinery able to streamline and simplify the man-machine relationship. To make the companies’ production processes increasingly smoother, easier and safer, we are constantly engaged in attaining total integration between vision systems, work islands and company management software so as to speed up and simplify all operations. Our robot guidance vision systems use robots of the best brands available on the market, such as Kawasaki, ABB and Fanuc, and many PLC control systems chosen according to the habits and preferences of each customer.