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  • Design and construction of robotized islands

Turn-key design of customized robotized systems and vision systems.

Founded in 2009 by the engineer Luigi Mazzoni, MecatroVision is an innovative company boasting high technological content. It is specialised in consultancy and in the design of turn-key solutions for automatic machinery, robotized systems and vision systems. The robotized systems, visions systems and software integrations of MecatroVision are used in many different industrial sectors, for machines used in metal deformation and for interlocking machine tools. The company’s mission is to supply top design and construction quality professional solutions that stand out for their ease of use and total customization. MecatroVision services are dedicated to both robotized system manufacturers and automated machinery, to whom it provides specialised consultancy for tailor-made production, and to end customers, which are those industries looking for an outsourced technological partner to develop solutions inside the company. Today, MecatroVision is the partner of prestigious brands in the automotive and industrial automation industries, in addition to boasting specific experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, to which it has already provided its consultancy to develop machines for cosmetic analysis and particle analysis of medicines.

Tailor-made multi-brand robotized systems

Backed by its many years of experience in the sector and the substantial specialisation of its team, MecatroVision is able to provide it professional consultancy for the design of robotized systems, vision systems and management software that can be totally customized based on the customer’s requirements. The profound technological know-how it has gained over the years allows the company to develop tailor-made solutions using multi-brand robots and many different types of PLC control systems. This extreme versatility then turns into a tangible advantage for both the system manufacturer and the end customer since both can continue to work with brands and technologies they are already familiar with.

Easy to use robotized systems

The jewel in the crown of the robotized systems designed by MecatroVision is their extreme ease of use. The company’s primary objective is, in fact, precisely that of offering customers particularly practical and efficient solutions that can be used in total safety and with utmost reliability by in-house personnel. To achieve this result, the robotized islands are equipped with a specific simplified robot-guided MVPRO application that allow the company management software to be integrated with the high automation machinery in a simpler, more intuitive and faster manner.

The strategic partner for the consultancy and design of robotized systems, vision systems and industrial automation software.

With its specialised technological consultancy services and exceptional experience gained in the sector, MecatroVision today is the ideal partner for designing robotized islands, vision systems and management software for industrial automation. The company based in Calcinato, in the Italian province of Brescia, has been partner of both machinery manufacturers and end customers for over ten years, providing them with consultancy and development of totally customized solutions based on the needs and specific requirements of every customer. The company activities include:

Software Engineering: software for industrial automation; development of embedded applications; production measurement and control; dedicated software modules for integrating hardware components in a single platform.
Vision systems: positioning system for robot pick & place guidance; quality control stations that can be integrated in a production line or in dedicated islands; dimensional analysis, checking, 3D inspection; identification, colour featuring.
Robotized islands: interlocking of machine tools (presses, metal forging machines, die gravity casting machines); integration of vision system for robot guidance; production line loading/unloading and palletizing; welding islands; quality and dimensional control lines that can be integrated with vision systems and production measurement software. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the expertise of the team and its continuous undertaking to search for increasingly high performance and efficient solutions led the company to an even higher level of quality and specialization. This was made possible by the development of qualifying technologies increasingly aimed at perfect integration between machinery and human intervention, without forgetting the principles of sustainable energy. The outstanding flexibility and excellent performance achieved this way allowed them to be recognised in the market as a point of reference known and appreciated even by the major world players. Today MecatroVision works at the international level and is already present in 23 countries around the world with its systems and software, which stands as a guarantee of the effectiveness and reliability of the systems designed. If you are looking for a solid and highly specialised partner, one able to provide you with flexible and customized turn-key solutions, place your trust in the many years of experience of MecatroVision with the certainty of an efficient and long-lasting result.

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