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Customized software and technological solutions for industrial automation.


Of the various applications of the integrated systems developed by MecatroVision, without a doubt machine tool interlocking plays a strategic role for all end users. Automating the machinery loading and unloading phases in fact means increasing the company’s production capacity, avoiding stops during the process, making the operation more precise, reducing the possibility of errors and, as a result, decreasing costs and increasing company revenue. MecatroVision designs different types of solutions for machine tool interlocking: from presses to lathes, from welding systems to grinders, and even machiner for metal deformation.


Hot forming is also a sector in which the technological systems for high industrial automation find maximum application and are of interest to industrial companies active in several fields. From automotive and cosmetic to the pharmaceutical and furniture industries, the integrated islands and vision systems absolutely play a key role in the production process, which today is increasingly connected with the principles of Industry 4.0. The use of automatic systems is today highly popular also in smaller companies and for more compact machinery. In this case, they reduce time and rejections while making operator intervention easier and providing a more streamlined and continuous production process.

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    The profound experience gained in the industrial automations sector and the high specialisation in the field of software engineering make MecatroVision a strategic supplier for all industrial activities requiring the development of totally customized solutions inside the company. Therefore, by starting with listening carefully to the customer’s specific needs we carry out feasibility studies for each project and we custom design integrated systems and industrial software that are successfully used for machine tool interlocking and for metal deformation systems. Our consultancy allows the customer company to get customized solutions designed to the real requirements of production and the operators, with the guarantee of a specialised supplier able to actively collaborate with each machinery manufacturer to get a tailored, efficient and top performing result.


    With our remote assistance service we guarantee the end users of our systems complete and always operational support for quick – and even in real time – management of any problem that may arise. Through our specialised remote assistance, our engineers are always at the side of our customers, even for extraordinary prompt intervention maintenance and for periodic checks.


    With over ten years of experience supporting prestigious international brands, MecatroVision today is a point of reference known and appreciated by the manufacturers of industrial machinery and systems, which strategically collaborates for the design of advanced customized solutions boasting maximum precision. Our analysis and technological consultancy services are a guarantee of increasingly effective and efficient solutions able to best meet industry’s requirements in terms of functionality, technical characteristics, simplicity of use, software integration and performance over the years for the manufacturers themselves.

    Machine tool interlocking, MecatroVision, Italy
    Machine tool interlocking, MecatroVision, Italy

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    From machine tool interlocking and hot forming systems to dimensional controls and welding islands, MecatroVision is synonymous with specialised know-how, continuous updating, reliability and total customization. Choosing our consultancy services means having at your disposal turn-key solutions for building automatic machinery, robotized islands and industrial automation software of superior quality. The exclusive use of robots of the best brands available on the market and the perfect integration with PLC systems of different types and with the customers’ company management software make our realisations even more flexible, practical and safe. As of today, MecatroVision is already the partner of prestigious world brands operating in the automotive sector, and we can boast specific experience in sensitive areas, such as cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, in these fields we have already designed and built integrated systems for cosmetic analysis and the particle analysis of drugs. Our executions for machine tool interlocking, hot forming and software are installed around the world. If you want to develop customized solutions inside your company, or if you are a system manufacturer, contact us without any obligation for any requirement, and we will assess a wide range of high automation possibilities together. Versatility, constant professional and technological updating, many years of expertise in the field and a profound knowledge of the main needs of modern industry allow us to best meet even the most complex requirements of our customers.