MecatroVision is specialised in the design and construction of turn-key solutions for industrial robotic automation. Since 2009 we have been supplying plant manufacturers and end customers advanced technologies to increase and improve production capacity thanks to the development of integrated systems and latest-generation management software. Ease of use, total integration and flexibility are the key elements distinguishing all of our executions.


Industrial robotic automation, customized solutions.

Specialised technological consultancy for the design of automatic machinery, robotized islands and management systems for industrial robotic automation.

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    Continuous technical and technological updating. Constant search for increasingly efficient and high performing solutions. Profound knowledge of the customer’s needs. Specialised experience in many fields of application. MecatroVision is a strategic partner for machinery manufacturers and end customers that want to develop totally customized technological solutions. Our industrial robotic automation systems are currently already in operation in over 20 countries around the world.

    Software Engineering80%
    Vision systems30%
    Robotized islands45%
    vision systems built
    integrated islands built
    countries around the world reached
    software programs for designed special systems


    The robot-guided visions systems and quality control systems designed by MecatroVision are top quality solutions for industrial robotic automation, able to simplify and speed up the production process of every company. Designed with the best systems available on the market, they are perfectly integrated with Industry 4.0. Ease of use and maximum customization are also guaranteed by the use of robots of any brand and by using different types of PLC systems. In this way, we ensure our customers outstanding flexibility and total satisfaction of every requirement.


    We build robot-guided vision systems ideal for identifying the piece and for pick & place activities. All systems can be totally integrated with the company’s management software and offer faster and safer production. Our quality control systems, on the other hand, are used for the dimensional and appearance analysis of pieces and ensure fewer errors and machining rejections.

    vision systems


    Starting from the analysis of the customer’s requirements, our technological consultancy service allows us to design customized robotized islands and provide customers with an extensive range of problem-solving solutions for any requirement. Our solutions use multi-brand robots and PLCs in order to simplify the work of plant manufacturers, as well as the work of the end users who can operate systems they are already familiar with.

    robotized islands


    Our industrial robotic automation systems are turn-key and customized solutions that guarantee total integration with both management software customers already use and Industry 4.0. All of our systems are equipped with simplified application programs that make human intervention more intuitive and simpler, and that guarantee easy and safe start-up. Our goal, in fact, is precisely to make the working relationship between man and machine easier and more efficient.

    robotized islands


    Attentive listening to the customer’s needs, utmost collaboration with the machinery manufacturers, continuous updating of skills: these are the basic values that have guided the work of MecatroVision since 2009. With our company ethics, we have already been able to win over the confidence and appreciation of many brand leaders in the automotive industry and our executions are already in operation at the international level.


    The MecatroVision team is the result of the expertise and passion of its founder, the engineer Luigi Mazzoni, for the industrial robotic automation sector as an area for strengthening and streamlining industry. We strongly believe in the growth and development opportunities arising from the new technologies and in the importance of their proper use for better collaboration between man and machinery.


    To supply the industry complete and advanced solutions of top design and construction quality in order to simplify, speed up and make the production cycle increasingly efficient by using industrial robotic automation systems capable of expediting and simplifying the work of the operators. To partner machinery manufacturers by offering a wide range of customized technological possibilities distinguished by maximum effectiveness and ease of implementation.